Take a Peek

We've been in our little house for about a year.  Well I have, the man of the house moved in about two years ago.  I've put my little feminine touch on it in that time and I think it's finally coming around.

We have a mix of new and old.  We are avid fans of auctions and antique shops so those little gems fill our home.  I love imagining the stories behind each piece and giving those pieces a new home.

One of the pieces in our home has a lovely story behind it.  When we went to get our marriage license at the courthouse in the county we were to be married there was this Norman Rockwell painting on the wall.  It was of a couple getting their own marriage license.  We both noticed.

A few months later we were at an antique shop and saw the same painting.  I thought it was too expensive so I didn't get it.  Later, on our first wedding anniversary the man of the house handed me a gift, I opened, it was that painting.  Even better- the calendar on the wall inside that painting is our anniversary date!  ... Aweeee.

We're not done yet and I think I'll be sad when we are.  I love having a project, having that piece to look for and making our hideaway lovely.