Baby, it's getting cold outside

When the Christmas music comes on and the lights start twinkling, I am a melting ball of Christmas cheer.  Ok, that's weird but it really was the first thing I thought of.  I bought my first tree ornament of the year yesterday- oh so sweet, makes my heart bigger.

Now this is a room I could sit in all holiday season long.


3 am

Do you remember those late nights in college when you stayed up till 3 am writing that paper that you knew about since the beginning of the semester when you saw it on your syllabus?  You typed those last words and closing statement, then had printer trouble till 5:30, took a shower and made it to class by 8.  Clearly I know way too much detail to have not done this before.

I pulled another one of those nights.  It wasn't as late as 3 am and I didn't have printer troubles, but I did stay up late creating- this time cupcakes. 289 of them to be exact.

Vanilla Bean-  Vanilla cake and vanilla bean cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Fudge- Chocolate cake, chocolate cream cheese frosting, fudge drizzle and white chocolate shavings

Caramel Apple- Apple cinnamon cake, cream cheese frosting, caramel drizzle and peanuts

Photos taken by Holly Birch Photography