it's not hot outside, so let's make it hot inside.

I really think I was meant to be born in Florida.  Beaches, sand and almost every day is warm and sunny.  I am a beach bum at heart but somehow I was born in the good ole "Land of Lincoln".  Also the land of cold, and I mean cold.  I'm talking can't feel your fingers cold.

So during the winter I like to do anything that reminds me of summer.  Making beach boards on Pinterest, painting my fingernails bright pink and making food that warms me up.

This gumbo did the trick.

Let's just say I needed glass after glass after glass of water to cool off my mouth.

I wanted to make sure it was warm zesty borderline hot sizzling red hot. There we go.  So I added green chiles, cayenne pepper and my personal favorite green chiles. 

chicken broth
Rotel diced tomatoes
green chiles
shredded chicken- I used Rotisserie 
cayenne pepper
hot sauce

-fix your white rice separately, then pour the soup over the rice in your bowl.

{my theory for cooking is to be creative and have fun- that's why there are no measurements- just keep adding until you love the taste!}

and lastly, 

Mr. swears it "burnt his throat".  It's possible, but a little dramatic if you ask me.  If you're ever up for one of those "I want to burn my throat" nights, then this is your dish! {It wasn't that bad, I promise}.