Nothing More

There's nothing more I want on these rainy, chilly days then to be locked away in woodland cabin for the weekend.  My love, flannel blankets and coffee with warm sugar cookie creamer by my side.  I think this could work.  Gosh, it's lovely.


A good part of our life is spent waiting.  We wait for our latte' to get made, the light to turn green, the rain to stop so we can get out of our car and our computer to start up.

We wait for the latecomers to get to meetings and for the soup to warm up in the microwave, for the other girl to get out of the bathroom and for the clock to hit 5pm on a Friday.

We wait for our dinner to be served, for the bill to come, for our show to come on and for our stomach to stop rumbling after too many cookies and milk before bed.

But one thing we can't keep waiting for is doing something awesome.  What's the point in waiting, waiting for tomorrow or the next day.  Waiting until we have money or time or energy.  Stop waiting.

Something We Can Agree On

You could say that the man of the house and I have different tastes when it comes to decorating.  Although we've seemed to find things that we both like to put in our home, I know he would love to have the deer heads on the wall.  I understand the whole displaying your accomplishments type thing, but deer, pheasants, geese, ducks, fish can all stay in the wild for as far as I'm concerned.

Having animals on my wall makes me feel a little... queasy. I mean there just sitting there on the wall looking down and us and any guests that we might have.  Maybe if they had sunglasses or something, but gee it's like they're staring.

I think I found something we can agree on.