Take a Peek

We've been in our little house for about a year.  Well I have, the man of the house moved in about two years ago.  I've put my little feminine touch on it in that time and I think it's finally coming around.

We have a mix of new and old.  We are avid fans of auctions and antique shops so those little gems fill our home.  I love imagining the stories behind each piece and giving those pieces a new home.

One of the pieces in our home has a lovely story behind it.  When we went to get our marriage license at the courthouse in the county we were to be married there was this Norman Rockwell painting on the wall.  It was of a couple getting their own marriage license.  We both noticed.

A few months later we were at an antique shop and saw the same painting.  I thought it was too expensive so I didn't get it.  Later, on our first wedding anniversary the man of the house handed me a gift, I opened, it was that painting.  Even better- the calendar on the wall inside that painting is our anniversary date!  ... Aweeee.

We're not done yet and I think I'll be sad when we are.  I love having a project, having that piece to look for and making our hideaway lovely.


I tried something new yesterday.  I am all about great eye catching packaging and labeling. So when I see something with these qualities it gets me every time.  I'm one of those gals who will pick the $7 peanut butter because of it's pretty packaging while the generic- and so much less pleasing to my eye- sits on the shelf beside for $2.  One of my weaknesses I guess, I just appreciate people who have taken time to make something look pretty.

I had a meeting at the cupcake shop in town- perfect place for a meeting by the way- and saw this pretty little drink.  It had a unique label, a fun font and a great bottle so I asked what it was. The hostess told me it was "Elderflower".  Elder-whatty?  I had no clue and no time to open my dictionary app so I went for it. 

I still can't put my finger on the taste of this drink, but it's something so lovely.  It's a soda- like drink with fresh flower tastes, pressed fruits and spices. The drink comes from Belvoir Farms in the UK.  The company is located at the Belvoir Castle estate in the countryside of Lincolnshire.  How
enchanting is that?

The soda is so refreshing and fresh, almost like the flowers and spices have just been squeezed into that bottle right before I got to the shop. I've decided that this is my new favorite drink, you just have to try it.

Belvoir Fruit Farms


Quick little Saturday afternoon project. I had this plain Jane wooden spoon holder and it was crying out for some pizazz. Much better.

Eat Cupcakes, Be Married

My dear friend asked me to do the dessert table for her wedding.  She was married in my hometown and it was a blast being able to be a little part of her huge day.  Here are the pictures taken by the lovely Kaitlyn Meeks.  You can find her here- kaitlynmeeks

Wedding Theme- Travel.  We added vintage suitcases and stamps to the dessert table along with the standard cake plates, sewing drawers, platters and cake plates.

S'more cupcake- chocolate cake, marshmallow icing, graham cracker crumbs and a Hershey square on top.

Red velvet cakes with cream cheese icing.

Vanilla bean cupcakes- white cake with vanilla bean frosting.

And the ever adorable peanut butter buttons cookies tied up in bakers twine.

If you'd like to talk about your own dessert table you can contact me at lindseycapperrune@gmail.com! Thanks to my lovely mom and grandma for all the help!



My friends made a cross country trip this week. 


 I could even handle a couple state trip.  I'm feeling that restless feeling.  I have that urge to pack up and get away with my love to see something I've never seen.  Take an adventure I've never taken.  And eat something I've never had.


Too Pretty

My "recipe box" is compiled of mismatched notebook paper, post-it notes and brown paper sacks.  They come ripped, torn and crinkled.  And most of them have the drippings of the recipe I made while the paper was lying on the counter. 

I've been looking at recipe cards for awhile just waiting for the perfect ones.  These get me pretty close to perfect.  They're from Rifle Paper Co. and they are lovely aren't they?  So pretty I would be reluctant to write on them.

My compilation really isn't a problem until I'm actually looking for one. Which who wants to find a recipe after they've made it? Um... Me.  I need help people.


Someone Once Said

Someone once said "A birthday isn't a birthday without a cupcake"

She's also writing this blog..

It was my dear friends birthday and for all I knew we weren't having cake.  Or a party.

This is a huge problem.  Like not the world's biggest problem, but definitely a problem.

Solution: Cupcake Buffet.

I made some vanilla cupcakes and gathered up a few toppings- blueberries, peanut butter cups, raspberries, graham cracker crumbs and chocolate chips.  Let's not forget the sprinkles.  They make the party.

Brown Paper

I am probably the worst present wrapper on this city block.

Maybe a few blocks actually.

I get really frustrated when it won't crease perfectly and start to panic.  Once you fold there's that permanent line on the package, if you keep trying to re-fold it can rip.  Just so many issues.  So I pawn this job off to the man of the house.  He wraps, I make it look pretty.

I love brown paper.  It's so simple yet classy and you can pretty it up in a thousand different ways.  Twine is the same way.  Wrap it around 10 or 12 times and no one will be able to get into that present.  It's all about the anticipation right?

Those little banners are from a vintage encyclopedia and the mini clothespins are just darling.

Happy wedding day friends!

Hour Long Massages

You know that thing you don't get sick of?

Re runs of Full House

Pancakes on Saturday Mornings

Your birthday

You get my drift.

I've made this every day for lunch for the past week.  I take kind of berry, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil from my front porch.  I've used raspberries, blueberries, strawberries or whatever I pick up and just like hour long massages, not sick of it.