I tried something new yesterday.  I am all about great eye catching packaging and labeling. So when I see something with these qualities it gets me every time.  I'm one of those gals who will pick the $7 peanut butter because of it's pretty packaging while the generic- and so much less pleasing to my eye- sits on the shelf beside for $2.  One of my weaknesses I guess, I just appreciate people who have taken time to make something look pretty.

I had a meeting at the cupcake shop in town- perfect place for a meeting by the way- and saw this pretty little drink.  It had a unique label, a fun font and a great bottle so I asked what it was. The hostess told me it was "Elderflower".  Elder-whatty?  I had no clue and no time to open my dictionary app so I went for it. 

I still can't put my finger on the taste of this drink, but it's something so lovely.  It's a soda- like drink with fresh flower tastes, pressed fruits and spices. The drink comes from Belvoir Farms in the UK.  The company is located at the Belvoir Castle estate in the countryside of Lincolnshire.  How
enchanting is that?

The soda is so refreshing and fresh, almost like the flowers and spices have just been squeezed into that bottle right before I got to the shop. I've decided that this is my new favorite drink, you just have to try it.

Belvoir Fruit Farms