Expression of Thankfulness & Joy

I'm pretty sure my Math teachers passed me along so they could stop answering my non-stop questions.  I barely passed Math class with D minuses the whole way through.  I would sit at the kitchen table and do (try to do) my homework and cry and cry and cry.  Sob stories later, I realized this wasn't my thing.  My Math section of my brain must have been created itty bitty.

I was good at something else though.  Celebrating.  Give me a reason, any reason and I can make a celebration out of it.

Getting a new job?  Let's celebrate!
You got a new piercing?  Let's celebrate!
I found my watch that had been lost for a year?  Let's celebrate!

There's really no reason not worth celebrating.  It's an expression of thankfulness and joy, so party!

Happy Birthday Husband.


Sometimes I sit at dinner thinking- "What if some catastrophe happened and we weren't able to have dessert!?"  Like a power outage, tornado or the restaurant runs out.  Gosh, I have issues.  First world issues that I need to get over.  But until I get over them, here's the fix-Backwards dinner/date.

So the usual date might look something like this-

But... A backwards date-


What a stupendous idea.  I want to hug the person who decided this was ok for the world to do.

Here's what we started with.

Peaches and Cream Pie with Thai Basil Ice Cream.  It was gone in about 4 seconds.  We shared.  That's just plain silly.

Two Sticks of Butter

It's pretty, it's pink, it's delicious. The man of the house "doesn't like Rhubarb" Hmm that's weird because I don't think he'd ever tried it.  Why do people say that?  I do it too.  I don't like octopus.  Have I ever had it?  No.  Does it sound disgusting?  Yes.  Does it look like it has 16 eyes?  Yes again.

I was determined to make a believer out of him.

I had the Rhubarb farmer at the Farmer's Market help me pick out the best Rhubarb and texted my mom to get the recipe for Rhubarb Cobbler.   There's no way you can't like this concoction- Butter, oats, brown sugar and Rhubarb...  Now we're talking.

See those two sticks of butter?  Oh yeah, that's what I meant when I said there's no way you can't like this recipe...

If you're having company and you want a smell that makes people fall to their knees and melt to the ground when they get the first whiff, this is your poison.  Turns out my husband does in fact like Rhubarb now... He's turned a new leaf after the cobbler.  Thanks Mom.