Expression of Thankfulness & Joy

I'm pretty sure my Math teachers passed me along so they could stop answering my non-stop questions.  I barely passed Math class with D minuses the whole way through.  I would sit at the kitchen table and do (try to do) my homework and cry and cry and cry.  Sob stories later, I realized this wasn't my thing.  My Math section of my brain must have been created itty bitty.

I was good at something else though.  Celebrating.  Give me a reason, any reason and I can make a celebration out of it.

Getting a new job?  Let's celebrate!
You got a new piercing?  Let's celebrate!
I found my watch that had been lost for a year?  Let's celebrate!

There's really no reason not worth celebrating.  It's an expression of thankfulness and joy, so party!

Happy Birthday Husband.