Plain Jane

Some things are just better plain.

Coffee- I add sugar, a flavored creamer, soy milk, ice and a pink straw...

Pizza-  I must have ranch or parmesan or hot sauce or you get the point.

Phones-  I don't know how I lived before without a phone who is basically a human being.

and not a Saturday night-  Those need to be full of great food, tons of laughing and staying out too late.

But a burger and fries can be plain.

And so can Jane.

bragging rights.

We all have them.  My mom has them on cooking, my dad has them on taking pictures and I have them for having the messiest closet ever.

And now my husband has them.  He has the bragging rights to the most wonderful dish he's ever made.


Ever since our trip to Florida, we are both pretty much obsessive when it comes to Cajun food- fish tacos, fried shrimp, gumbo and jambalaya.  We bought the ingredients for the Étouffée.  It's really a lot like gumbo- hot and jam packed with shrimp, vegetables, spices and love.  (Obviously because the man of the house made it for me).

I come home from work and the house smells like a million bucks!  Not literally because money smells awful- but it smelled like the beach restaurants we so dearly miss and I could not wait to try it!

Aren't those little shrimp dolls?  I want to put a little dress on them.  Ok- I'm drinking coffee and my mind keeps going to these crazy places.

 Oh my million bucks.  It was heavenly.  Really, I think if heaven has food- Étouffée will definitely be on the menu.  He did such a good job. The shrimp were cooked perfect, the flavors were intense and hot in the best way.  He added the rice on top and served it with cornbread.

Like I said, bragging rights.  And the key to my heart.