I love the word grub.

Sure, it can mean sluggish larva... But it also means good, hearty, joyous food.

Perfectly great example: Finns Seafood Grub Truck, Panama City Beach, FL.  I LOVE food trucks.  It's so exciting to see what kind of masterpiece can come out of that little 4 wheeled truck.  I've been to the fair food trucks, the waffle trucks, even the breakfast trucks- but this was my first Seafood Truck experience!

I had these.  Fish tacos.  So fresh and probably the best fish tacos I've ever had.  Fresh saltwater fish covered in lettuce, cheese, lime juice, cilantro and their special "sauce"- whatever that means.  I really didn't care what it meant because it was so good.

 Oh my goodness. My life is now complete.

Next Stop: Farmer's Market-  St. Andrew's Bay, FL.  It was a rainy day, so I think a lot of vendors had gotten cold and packed up, so we visited all the troopers' booths. Fresh breads, produce, jewelry, baked goods, wood carvings and that guy with his guitar singing Jimmy Buffet songs.  (You can't get away from those guys here- not that I'd want to..)

There was a little spot at our resort called "Liza's Munchies"- not the best name I've ever heard, but they made up for it with their little beach drinks.  They weren't exactly cheap, but that's what vacations are for.

Buying $8 drinks that you sit next to your beach chair and your husband kicks over when he gets up...

I had been talking about these little guys all week and so on the last day that same husband that would kick it over, brought me my beloved mango drink.

Again I say, my life is complete.  That umbrella- adorable. (Well before it got smashed by my husband's foot)  Ok- I'm done complaining about him kicking over my mango drink. For now...