Salsa Mania

Salsa mania. I have it.  Not just your tomato and onion salsa either.  I'm talking fresh fruit, fresh herbs, lemon and lime juices, things you would say "wait.. that can go in salsa?" oh yeah. it can. No rules here.

I'm starting my salsa journey with this.

Corn salsa.  It's adapted from and let me tell you one thing- Mmm.  It's supposed to taste just like Chipotle's and it really does.  I made it a couple days ago and then made it again last night.  You could say I really like it..

Red Onion
Salt & Pepper
Lime juice
and my favorite- Cilantro
(the recipe from HowSweetItIs calls for jalapeno, but I didn't have any)

Throw it all in and grab some tortilla chips.  You will eat the whole bowl and you won't feel all that bad about it because it's vegetables. I mean unless your bowl is like a bucket..

Mine's not..